Gayville Hall


502 Washington St.
Gayville, SD (605) 267-2859

No One’s Gay in Gayville, Except on Saturday Night
Lyrics by Doug Sharples


     No one’s gay in Gayville

Except on Saturday night.

We put on a show at Gayville Hall

And cares of the world take flight.


Johnny blows his mouth harp.

Daniel picks his strings.

Brenda yodels like a bird

About to take to wings.


It’s gayer than gay in Gayville

Every Saturday night

When Owen and Nick and Susie

Make everything all right.


At Gayville Hall in Gayville

No one is uptight.

Just take a chair,

Let down your hair,

and bask in musical light.


Enlightenment is easy

When you come to Gayville Hall.

Leave your cares behind

And you will find

Fulfillment for one night.


The Home of Old Time Music

Gayille Hall Tickets

$12.50 at the Box Office   $15 Reserved Seats


Box Office opens at

7 p.m. on day of show, unless otherwise noted

For reservations,
call 605-267-2859


Everyone’s gay in Gayville

Every Saturday night.

Gayville Hall puts on a show

that turns the evening bright.


Without a warning, Sunday morning,

You know the rooster’s gonna crow.

Without a lurch, you’ll be off to church,

Thanking God for last night’s show.


It’s straighter than straight at

Gayville Hall.

We don’t even sell you booze.

We cross our T’s and dot our I’s

And mind our P’s and Q’s.


We’ve got ourselves together.

We’re good old boys to boot.

Come as you are to Gayville Hall.

We don’t require a suit.


Come as you are to Gayville Hall.

We don’t require a suit.



copyright © 2010, 2012  Doug Sharples